Company profile

F.M.C. Maranta is a foundry of brass and special copper alloys set in Concesio-Brescia dealing with gravity casting parts production since 1974. Our skilled and experienced team develops and produces items by gravity casting and manages the whole process offering a full service from the equipment set-up to the semi-finished and finished parts, including mechanical machining and several surface treatments.

Thanks to our experience achieved, to the use of the highest standard material, to continuous on-line controls, to the support of our partners and to our internal machinery for production and tools, F.M.C. Maranta grants its customers high quality products and custom solutions for any requirements. Moreover, upon request of our customers, we offer leakage tests (on the casted part).

Brass die casting. Click photo to enlarge.
fusione in conchiglia

Our flexibility and experience allow us to provide several business sectors with effective solutions for any requirements. We supply succesfully a wide range of companies dealing with interior design (products such as houseware, taps, knobs, rods, etc.), with hvac (with products such as valves parts, manifolds, water meters, flanges, etc...), with brewery equipment and with oil & gas.